Praise and Blame

My sweetie gave a piano concert yesterday afternoon in our sBill at Mere and Gary's 10-16 (3).JPGmall town. Forty of his friends and acquaintances came to enjoy the short, easily accessible classical music pieces by Debussy, Ravel, and Moussorgsky. He gave a short introduction to each piece, telling the audience what to listen for. They applauded each song with longer applause at the end.

As they were applauding the finale, i walked up and gave him a bouquet of flowers. Applause has a very short lifespan; flowers last a few days. Afterwards, a couple of his musical friends told him the piano was too loud in that small recital hall of the music center.

Praise is fleeting–about as long as the applause. Blame is also fleeting, though our Velcro minds tend to hold on to the negative stuff and review it like a worry bead.

First, we are praised. Then it ends. Then we are blamed. Then it ends.

Praise and blame. You can’t have one without the other.


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