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Garden Wisdom: 365 Days

These 365 day-by-day fresh, funny, and wise inspirations remind us to practice mindfulness in the garden by using nature as a metaphor for human nature. Considering the changing seasons, every seeker can relax into the ever-changing present moment, thereby reducing stress and increasing happiness.

Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness: Surrendering to Life

Surprised by breast cancer, Cheryl responds from the depth of her meditation practice. Friends offer worry and chicken soup, fear and support, unwanted advice and helpful suggestions. She surrenders to life, but she doesn’t throw in the towel. She focuses on what’s important and lets go of what’s not important. She keeps discovering her unique and genuinely-Cheryl life.

The Real Dirt on Composting
The Real Dirt on Composting
The Rascal Mind
Lost but Found
Following the Nez Perce Trail
Every Good Thing
At the Mercy of the Elements
Impermanent Immortality
All My Relations
All My Relations
The Meditative Gardener
Best of the Blog 2011
The Meditative Gardener
Best of the Blog 2010
The Meditative Gardener
or The Notebook

1 thought on “Buy Books

  1. Mary K

    Cheryl, I rediscovered you through James Levinson’s e-mails and Compassionate Brattleboro. I am very impressed by the number of books you have written and Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness –what an inspiration to others in the same situation. I have gotten to know Jim and Miriam a bit when their paths cross over to which I have recently gotten involved in. Don’t know if you’ll remember me. Mary K. Anzinger/Dennison


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