Scrooge’s Change of Heart awakens on Christmas morning a changed man. This change of heart, change of mind is the result of deep insight. Not just intellectual insight that says, “Oh yeah. Unh-huh. I understand.” but the deep embodied insight that can turn our life around on a dime.

Scrooge sends a large turkey, anonymously, to the Cratchit family. We might call Scrooge a Secret Santa. Anonymous giving is the highest form of generosity because no strings are attached. Anonymous giving gives without expecting anything in return–not even recognition, not even a thank-you.

Scrooge spends Christmas day with his nephew Fred, and the next day gives Bob Cratchit a well-deserved raise.

Scrooge’s change of heart manifests as generosity, kindness, and compassion–qualities that we practice in meditation. And that’s why i so thoroughly enjoyed our local theater’s production of A Christmas Carol, which is a lovely Buddhist parable.

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