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The Ghost of Christmas Past

https://i0.wp.com/i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01480/stcitycarol13090_1480523b.jpgThe Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge memories of his childhood and as a young man. Scrooge loved his sister (the mother of his nephew Fred). He loved a young woman, Belle, who rejected him when she realized that money was more important to him than she was. He loved his employer, Mr. Fezziwig, from whom he inherited his business.
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Money Laundering–and Ironing

You’ve heImageard of money laundering. One of my fellow travelers, Susan, is weary from ironing dollar bills.

If you’ve traveled to a Third World country, you know they like their US currency crisp–without tears, folds, or marks. A couple of years ago in Belize, i bought some handcrafts from two 10-year-old girls, and they were distraught that the dollar bills i gave them were well-worn. Our guide to the Mayan ruins shooed them away, but my heart still pings when i remember them.

Now we are going to an emerging country, Burma, that operates on a cash economy–no ATMs. We will get a better exchange rate for crisp $100 bills dated after 2006. My bank had a few thousand dollars on hand, leftover from the Christmas holidays. But Susan’s bank had no hot-off-the-press money, so she’s adding her own heat. She’s ironing her $100 bills.