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Birthday Surprise

The first thing we do on a beach vacation is go to the store and buy 2 beach chairs, a noodle (for me), a beach umbrella, and a little cooler. At the end of vacation, we usually leave the beach chairs etcetera at our Airbnb.

Since i can see that our host already has a stash of paraphernalia at his condo, and since there’s a Lamborghini, an Audi, a Range Rover, and a Ford F-150 parked in the driveway, i’m pretty sure the people here don’t need more stuff.

We spent our last beach day at the beautiful Boqueron Balneario (town beach). As we packed up, i gave my noodle to the only family within sight. The children were busy burying Mom in the sand.

Near us sat a 30-something couple. We gave them our 2 beach chairs. She had beautiful braids way down past her waist; he had a shaved head. They were from Connecticut, and it was her birthday!

Who knew that when we bought those beach chairs, we were buying a birthday present!