Rumi on Aging


Why does a date-palm lose its leaves in autumn?         

 Why does every beautiful face grow in old age           

wrinkled like the back of a Libyan lizard?         

 Why does a full head of hair get bald?           

Why is the tall, straight figure that divided the ranks like a spear 

now bent almost double?           

Why is it that the lion’s strength weakens to nothing?           

The wrestler who could hold anyone down           

is led out with two people supporting him,           

their shoulders under his arms?      


God answers,           

“They put on borrowed robes           

And pretended they were theirs.           

I take the beautiful clothes back,           

So that you will learn the robe of appearance is only a loan.”           

Your lamp was lit from another lamp.           

All God wants is your gratitude for that.

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About cherylwilfong

Cheryl Wilfong teaches mindfulness meditation at Vermont Insight Meditation Center when she isn’t rearranging one of her 28 flower beds or tending her out-of-control vegetable garden. Master Gardener and mistress of metaphor, she delivers the Dharma into daily life in the garden.

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